For an effective broadband speed test, the measurements should be performed at different times during the day and using a computer directly connected to our modem, using an Ethernet cable. It is highly recommended that the computer’s Ethernet port can support speeds up to 1Gbps. Measurements done through a wireless network (WiFi) cannot representatively describe the provided service, as wireless networks limit the performance of the broadband connection.

Before starting a measurement, make sure that your broadband connection is not being used by other types of software, computer or network devices (e.g. IPTV set-top box, security cameras, torrents etc). Network traffic generated by such sources will reduce the accuracy of your measurement results.

If you are not certain if the network is being used by other devices, you may disconnect all of the Ethernet connected devices, including other peripherals (routers, switches, access points, etc), from the modem. In order to be certain that the network is not being used through your modems WiFi, you can temporarily deactivate it. For further information, you can contact our Technical Support on 130.

For more accurate results, you should perform three (3) consecutive measurements within one hour (one every 15 minutes) through the cyNettest tool. The cyNettest tool is the System for Performance Evaluation of Broadband Connection Services, developed by the OCECPR, which provides the opportunity to its users to perform measurements and evaluate the quality characteristics of their broadband connections. We kindly ask you to follow the instructions that are mentioned in the official link for the tool, in the OCECPR website

For the speed measurements, please note the following:

  1. Any measurement can be considered representative of the users speed for the period of 15 minutes.
  2. If more than one measurements occur within the same time 15-minute period, the highest measurement will be considered valid.
  3. In order to calculate the normally available speed, for every period of 15 minutes that no specific measurement takes place, the maximum speed will be considered to be in effect, unless the Company specifies that a lower speed was in effect at the time.
  4. Any period in which there is a disruption in the provision of the broadband connection due to technical fault of the network or of the equipment or for any other reason i.e. network maintenance or power outage, is not included in the calculation of the normally available speed.

If any subscriber does not enjoy the 80% of their normally available speed within a period of 12 hours, for 3 consecutive days, they are entitled to submit a complaint to the Company or the 80% of their minimum speed at any given moment.

If a complaint has been submitted, the Company maintains the right to send its own technical crew to do measurements with company equipment through the subscriber’s connection. The subscriber is obliged to consent and aid the Company to proceed with such measurements at time periods which are similar to those of the submission of the complaint.

In good faith, the Company will contact or attempt to contact the subscriber within 3 business days from the submission of the complaint, in order to arrange an appointment for on-site measurements. If the communication is unsuccessful due to the inability or unavailability of the subscriber, the complaint will be considered void.

If repeated complaints are submitted by the same subscriber within the period of 12 months, which have already been disproven during at least 2 on-site visits for measurements, the Company maintains the right to charge any additional on-site technician visits for measurements according to its current price list.

The current Pricelist of the Company.