Purple Loop. Your Prepaid Mobile service!

3 simple steps to the most carefree communication,
the way you want it, without commitments!

STEP 1: Get a Purple Loop SIM card

Find Purple Loop at Cablenet stores and kiosks!

The initial SIM card package costs €2 (incl. VAT). The SIM card includes €1 free talk time, with a validity period of 30 days from the day of activation.

STEP 2: Top-up your credit

Top-up your account, so that you can choose the Gimme prepaid plan that suits your needs.
Alternatively, use your credit to communicate at very low rates!


  1. Each top-up card can only be used for a single top-up.
  2. The €2 top-up card is valid for 30 days, the €5 card is valid for 180 days and the €10, €20 and €50 cards are valid for 365 days from the day they are activated.

STEP 3: Choose your Loop Gimme

Choose the Gimme prepaid plan that suits your needs, to enjoy the most carefree communication!

You can choose any Gimme prepaid plan more than once per month, valid for 2 months from the day of activation.
Inclusive Minutes do not apply to overseas calls, Universal Access Services and calls to premium numbers.
Inclusive SMS do not apply to messages sent to international networks and other services (short code numbers).

Low rates

3…2…1… and you’re ready to communicate more cost effectively!
With Purple Loop, you benefit from much lower rates so you can communicate the way you want.

The above rates apply to uses outside the Gimme prepaid plans.

How to top up, check or transfer your Credit and how to purchase Loop Gimme
Credit Top-Up Type *103*14-digit code# and press Dial
(e.g. *103*12345678901234#)
Credit Check Type *101# and press Dial
Credit Transfer to a Purple Loop number Type *121*Purple Loop number to which you want to transfer the credit*credit amount# and press Dial
(e.g. *121*94xxxxxx*5#)
Buy Loop Gimme Type *141# and press Dial. Then choose the Loop Gimme you want.


  1. During the Credit Check, the total balance in your account will be displayed, including the balance of Top-up Cards and Gimme prepaid plans.
  2. Once Credit Transfer is completed, both the sender and the recipient will receive an SMS confirming the successful transfer of the credit.
  3. There must be sufficient credit to buy a Gimme prepaid plan. If there is not enough credit, you need to top-up your account using one of the Purple Loop top-up cards.


Terms and Conditions