Catch-Up TV service, allows the users to access the majority of the Cypriot programs for up to 3 days in the past, whenever and for as many times as they wish without any limitation. The service is very simple to use and supports the Play / Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward functions. This service consists of no additional cost or new equipment, through your existing decoder provided by Cablenet!

How the Catch-Up TV service works:
1. Press the EPG button on your remote control to access the Electronic Program Guide. The channels that support the service will have this icon    in their program box.
2. Use the Up-Down arrows (↑/↓) in order to select the channel you wish and the Left-Right arrows (←/→) to choose the program you would like to watch. The TV programs that have the Catch-Up TV service available, have the sign   
3. Press the ΟΚ button to confirm your selection.
4. In order for your selected program to begin, choose the option ‘Catch up TV – Play from the list on the right of your screen.
5. You can use the options Play/Pause, Rewind και Fast Forward during the playback of the recorded program.
6. To exit the cableview catch-up service and return to the current live programming, press the Stop button (■).

Cableview Catch-Up TV service is supported by Intek HDC20CXM, Intek HDC63CX and Arion ARC1011YR decoders which need to be set to the VOD service (Hybrid VOD Mode) and be connected to the modem with the Ethernet cable same way as required for the Cableview on demand service (VOD). To set your decoder to the VOD mode, go to the Main menu, choose Settings, and then from the option System Mode choose Hybrid VOD Mode.

For any additional requirements and questions regarding this process, you can contact our Customer Service at 130, option 3, between 08:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Friday) and 09:00 – 21:00 (Saturday and Sunday).

Note: All information provided by the EPG guide in correlation with the aired programs is provided by the channels and Cablenet holds no responsibility for any false data.