Having a customer-oriented philosophy, Cablenet seeks maximum customer satisfaction by offering high quality telecommunications services at the highest speeds and lowest prices, to individuals and businesses alike. This customer-oriented philosophy serves as the cornerstone of the organization’s culture, where teamwork, expertise, talent, mutual respect, trust and hard work coexist for the achievement of the company’s vision.

Within the broader context of teamwork, every group in the company, irrespective of department, has a significant role in the achievement of strategic corporate objectives. The people working for the company constitute the most important element that adds value to the services offered to subscribers and to the company’s image.

The anthropocentric character of the organization is pervasive at all levels and sections. Cablenet’s people, through its corporate culture, but also through successive training programmes, have fully understood and digested this customer-oriented philosophy of the company and operate with dedication towards maximum customer satisfaction.

This main objective, that is the subscriber’s satisfaction through optimal operations, is based on the company’s organizational structure, which has become based on the needs of the rapidly evolving telecommunications market with highly trained and talented professionals.