Cablenet, maintaining its commitment to actively participating in the Cypriot life, has promoted in the recent years its corporate social responsibility activities, always having people at the center of its thoughts and actions.

Under its social responsibility, our company offers free of charge services to charity foundations, supports sports and the athletic culture by sponsoring athletes and various sporting events. Cablenet also shows interest in Road Safety by supporting relevant programs, cultivating this way the driving conscience of the public.

While adopting environmental awareness, Cablenet in cooperation with a private Recycle with Security Company, is actively involved in recycling materials contributing at the same time to deforestation. In addition, our company recycles all electronic devices that have completed their life cycle.

In the Health sector, Cablenet occasionally conducts presentations to its staff on various related topics such as cervical cancer and its prevention methods. On a broader scale, Cablenet supports the Karaiskakio Foundation by having its staff voluntarily donate blood atleast two times annually.